I attended KU for six years and never went to a single baseball game. During that time I didn’t even follow the results. Even now I couldn’t tell you if they had a good team during my years on the hill unless I were to look it up. My guess is that they probably didn’t have any great teams or I would have known more about the team.

Fast forward more years than I’d like to admit and I’m pretty excited about KU baseball this year. Before the season, they were picked to finish last in the Big XII. With three games against Missouri and three games against Kansas State remaining, they are in the hunt to win the conference. Admittedly, they probably need to win at least five of the six. Even if they don’t win the conference, they will have far exceeded expectations.

At this point they should have a good chance of making the NCAA tournament and it is certainly possible they could advance since they have beaten a number of top teams already. After the recent successes in football and basketball, I’m really excited that baseball has improved as well. Maybe one of these days I’ll even attend a game!