As Jayhawk fans, we all wanted to believe the resounding win in the opener against Rhode Island would carry over against Ohio. Alas, neither the offense or defense did anything positive in the first half. The only good moment was a special teams punt return touchdown. While the second half was better, the hole was already too deep.

Now it is time for the first road game of the season. The last road win was on September 12, 2009 in the West Texas town of El Paso. That’s more than seven years of road losses and probably too many shots of tequila to numb the pain! While a road win would be a huge boost for this team, it may not happen this season.

Memphis whipped the Jayhawks handily last season in Lawrence. KU has improved since that game and the Tigers are without the head coach and first round draft choice quarterback they had in last season’s game. But will these trends be good enough for a road win?

After the debacle of a first half last week, I do expect a better start this week. We might even see the teams trading scores early. Will there be three turnovers by special teams again? I’d say that is highly unlikely.

The defensive line was at full strength and got gashed last week for a lot of big runs up the middle. I expect the coaches will clean that up a bit, but I still see Memphis grinding out yards on the ground. The best hope is to see the Tigers throwing the ball to test the Kansas corners. KU may not be able to stop them, but it does open the door for a possible game-changing turnover.

Just like the defensive line, their counterparts on offense were equally ineffective. Pass-blocking was mostly good, but there was no running game at all. These guys are young and that could lead to bigger improvements from week to week. I just don’t think it will be a big enough jump to let the running backs do much.

Our friends in Las Vegas see Kansas as a nearly three touchdown underdog. I’m going to hope the coaches can clean up the mistakes so the Jayhawks can stay in this game longer. But my prediction still spells another road loss with Memphis 42 Kansas 31. Uno mas tequila, por favor!

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