Let’s start with the good news from Lubbock. The Jayhawk defense played very well for the first three quarters of the game. This was a big improvement from the past few games. It was even better news considering it came against one of the top offenses in the country.

Unfortunately the offense seemed really stale the whole game. That didn’t stop them from scoring a touchdown at the end of the third quarter to take a 21-14 lead. At that point, a win seemed within reach. Then came the turnovers as things got really scary. Before you knew it, the game was over and the Jayhawks were on the losing end of a 42-21 score.

Midway through the fourth quarter, Todd Reesing was pulled from the game with the win still within reach. He hadn’t played well most of the game and later admitted to an annoying groin pull. Yet this was a shocker and it shows that coach Mangino isn’t afraid to yank a top player if that’s what needs to be done. Reesing will be back at starter this weekend in Manhattan and he even called a player’s only meeting today. Let’s hope that both the offense and the defense play well this weekend so that the losing streak can be broken.

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