When John Calipari moved his used car lot from Memphis to Kentucky, the world of recruiting went crazy. It has left the Jayhawks in a tough position where it seems there are three potential outcomes.

  1. Xavier and C.J. Henry commit to Kansas and Lance Stephenson goes elsewhere.
  2. Xavier and C.J. Henry go elsewhere and Lance Stephenson becomes a Jayhawk.
  3. KU loses all three in the insanity.

While option #3 would still leave the Jayhawks loaded for 2009-2010, it would be a bitter pill to swallow. Even under this worst case scenario, the Jayhawks have a good shot at another championship. As fans, we would like one more player to all but guarantee that championship.

In reading the comments of many fans, they wish Lance Stephenson to sign on the dotted line right now. He is a top 10 player and I would certainly welcome him to Lawrence. While it seems he only wants to be in college for a single season, he might just stick around for at least two seasons.

Sentiment seems to run against option #1 simply because the Henry boys can’t seem to make up their mind. Some fans feel Lance is a better player than Xavier. That might be true. I think the real kicker of the deal is that C.J. Henry would be a walk-on with his scholarship paid for by the New York Yankees. Xavier may also leave after a single year. But it is quite possible that C.J. would be a Jayhawk for at least two to three years and possibly even all four years. He is no slouch on the court though he is probably a little bit rusty after taking time off for baseball and an injury. Thus Xavier could be the piece to secure the 2010 trophy, but C.J. could help bring another trophy to Lawrence in future years.

If the latest rumors are true, we should have an answer for this in the next week. Which option would you prefer?

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