Yesterday I theorized on three scenarios that could play out for the Jayhawks in recruiting. According to a wide variety of Web sites, Xavier Henry will verbally commit to KU tomorrow morning. He can not sign another Letter of Intent since he had already signed one with Memphis. He won’t officially be a Jayhawk until he enrolls in school. If he holds a press conference and verbally commits, I’ll take his word that he is coming. And if Xavier is coming, so is his brother C.J.

Of the three scenarios I presented yesterday, that was the one that got me the most excited. Zagsblog indicates that Lance Stephenson is probably not going to be a Jayhawk. There are still rumors that Lance is considering KU knowing that he will have to accept sharing the limelight. One of his criteria for picking a school was winning. I don’t think that is possible at either Maryland or St. Johns. Sure, they may have a winning record, but I don’t think they have a chance to advance deep in the big dance. If Lance wants to win, he could still become a Jayhawk. He’ll just have to accept fewer minutes per game.

Another possibility is John Wall. He is considered the best prospect available. Unfortunately KU is already pretty loaded at point guard for next season. So he too would have to accept fewer minutes per game in exchange for a chance to win a ring. It is also possible he could apply to the NBA, especially since it is possible he won’t qualify academically.

If KU added either Stephenson or Wall, the Jayhawks would have an embarrassment of riches. It would be hard to imagine them not advancing to at least the Final Four. Without either, they are still stacked at all positions.

Only one problem if Xavier Henry commits. He would be taking the last available scholarship. Roger Morningstar, father of Brady and big booster, has claimed that he would pay Brady’s tuition if it meant getting an important player. My guess is that Stephenson or Wall would be considered important.

My guess is that Bill Self is finished adding players if Xavier commits. But you just never know!

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